Ends on December 1, 2017

What to Submit

  1. Creative digital documentation of your unifying innovations to communication.
  2. A cover letter that explains what you learned as you worked on the challenge and how you got from the prompt to your project. 

Video Submission Trouble? Try uploading your video to YouTube or Vimeo and including the link in your cover letter.

The Fine Print

  • Photographic/image files - up to 5 images
  • Video files - up to 5 minutes long including titles & credits
Characteristics of Winning Entries
  • A cover letter with a clear response to the challenge prompt explaining how your project innovates communication with the goal of uniting people, that addresses the strengths and challenges of your idea, as well as what you learned along the journey from prompt to project.
  • A project with high production value that demonstrates effort, problem-solving, and creativity.
  • Thoughtfully chosen media and methods to present and document your project.
  • Clear demonstration of research and preparation.
  • Expression of original, critical, and innovative thinking.
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